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Meet Our Latin Learners

Latin is fortunate to have an amazingly diverse community, however, our students share many enviable traits. They are independent thinkers, empathetic listeners, confident self-advocates and engaged participants. Surrounded by teachers who know them as individuals and as learners, they leave Latin with a life-long love of learning and a passion to make their mark on the world.

Hear what our students, parents, and teachers think about Latin and the amazing experiences they have.

Our upper school Roman Ambassadors share their favorite things about Latin–from the best foods in the cafeteria to their proudest moments as Romans.

In partnership with Stanford University, upper school students in Science Department Chair and Teacher Geraldine Schmadeke’s independent study program (ISP) are helping progress scientific research one teeny tiny fruit fly at a time. Learn how in this video!


A Day in the Life with MacKenzie

Q&A with Sebastian, Senior and Natalie, Junior

Jonah, Sophomore

Sadaf Jaffer, Class of 2001 and Mayor of Montgomery Township, NJ

Charlie Tribbett, Class of 2002

The teachers have been my advocates so much throughout the years and it is easily the thing I value the most at Latin.

- Upper school student


The upper school AP Studio Art class provides students with the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge that they’ve gained from other art courses and focus on the skill of idea development. The class is centered around a review-critique-revise process in order to produce a more compelling piece of work. Learn more about this community of artists in Art Teacher Christine Holloway’s class.

Lower school students start each day together as a class with Morning Meeting. An important part of the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching, it is an engaging way to begin the day, build community and establish developmentally appropriate social skills. Learn more by watching the video above.

Danyelle Post, JK Teacher

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When I think of Latin, I think 'Community' - a welcoming and healthy school community which I treasure.

-- middle school parent

I understood the value of this education first hand when I went off to college. My persistence and strong desire to learn and connect with my professors was a reflection of the close relationships I made with my teachers at Latin.

- Alum

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